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Codup believes in equal employment opportunity and always encourages the idea of a diversified workplace.

Work Scope

Codup provides an opportunity to work on large scale US based applications. We always strive and remain intact to work on cutting-edge technologies. Keeping a healthy clientele, we have expanded our expertise to native products. We are always looking for exceptional and energetic individuals to be a part of our growing team. We provide opportunity in a variety of disciplines; Software Development, Quality Assurance & Testing, Project Management, Marketing & Business Development and Human Resource.


Talent motivation and encouragement is something we value most. We offer market competitive compensations and career growth opportunities and we take a pride in it. We provide other fringe benefits including; Weekday & Weekend over-time compensations, Medical Reimbursements, Sick/Casual and Annual leaves, Performance Bonuses, Punctuality Bonus, Annual Bonus, Annual Increments and others.

Environment & Culture

We believe workplace is the second home. We are committed to maintaining an environment where everyone feels familiar and work collectively in a courteous manner. Professionalism and mutual respect are an integral part of our culture.

LIFE @ Codup

We understand the efforts our team put to meet the challenging nature of work. It's always good to get some time off to relax and at Codup, it's not all about work. Day-out activities, lunch gatherings, monthly dinners, gaming competitions and other curricular activities are a routine part of Codup life.


Position Title Type Experience Level Action
* Graphic Designer Full-Time Mid-level Apply Now
* Front-end web developer Full-Time 1 to 2 Years Apply Now
* SQA Engineer Full-Time 2 Years Apply Now
Marketing Executive Full-Time Fresh to 1 year Apply Now
PHP / WordPress Developer Full-Time 3 – 4 Years Apply Now
Project Manager Full-Time 4 – 5 years Apply Now
Sales Executive Full-Time 3 Years Apply Now
PHP / WordPress Developers Freelance 4 Years Apply Now
Content Marketing Specialist Freelance 2 Years Apply Now
Technical Content Writer Freelance 2 Years Apply Now

*Hot Job


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