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Your business is unique, why should your eCommerce experience be ordinary? Lean on us to build a seamless, integrated shopping experience that works for your business and your clients.



In a world where visitors attention spans across a few seconds, its extremely important that your storefront delivers on their expectations quickly, easily and beautifully. You can rely on our experience and expertise to deliver all three with the right set of features, interface, and performance.


Most eCommerce stores will need to be integrated with one or more external services to deliver a frictionless experience to their customers. Codup can deliver exceptional integration with 3rd party systems whether it be for marketing automation, shipping, and logistics, CRMs, ERPs or a combination of these. Our massive experience integrating on diverse range of products and platforms ensures that we know the right questions to ask to get your eCommerce data in the right place at the right time.


With the fast pace of innovative products and revenue models hitting the market, out of the box payment solutions aren't always the right fit. If you have a revenue model that's unique, or if your eCommerce solution doesn’t work well with your payment processor, Codup can save the day by building a custom payment gateway that solves YOUR problem.


Ecommerce and online retail is a mature domain with many top notch solutions and platforms with their own extensions and plugins. While you will find most of what you need with off the shelf tools and plugins, we can solve problems that nothing else on the market will. We can take what you have and build upon it to deliver a unique experience to your customers.


Most solutions on the market are built for retail ecommerce and offer a plethora of tools and products. While that's great for retail, it leaves out B2B businesses under the sun, without the feature sets they need to make ecommerce work for them. Codup can take existing open source solutions and easily customize them to fit your very unique needs as a B2B business. Whether that be custom catalogs, bulk pricing, invoicing and integrations.


As commerce quickly and swiftly moves online across the globe, the number of marketplaces has been on the rise and rightly so. As more and more small business and professionals go online to sell, these market places serve a hungry market. Having delivered several such projets successfully, we are very well placed help you take such a project from conception all the way to deployment and scale with you.


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