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Enterprise Development

"Software is eating the world - Marc Andreessen" … 6 Years after he penned these words, software is still eating the world at an ever increasing pace. Smart enterprises are looking for ways to improve and automate their systems, workflows and processes or risk being left behind and becoming irrelevant. Its a scary thought, but we have helped clients turn it into smooth transition, with improved systems, better efficiencies and expanding capabilities... Let us help you too...

Web Applications

As attention spans get shorter and more scattered on the web, the right interactions at the right time in client acquisition and retention can make or break your brand. Codup can help your brand build and deploy custom web applications that deliver beautiful, value driven experiences to your audiences... In the right places, at the right times...


Which came first, the chiken or the egg… Every business that tries to build a platform and bring together two or more entities must answer this question, for which there is no right answer. Codup has helped several platforms navigate these challenges. Look to Codup, not just to deliver a high quality, working platform but also one that is relevant to your audience.


Many startups have fallen by the wayside, forgotten, never seeing the light of day. Don't let that be your fate. Whether you are you building a product or maintaining one, the lure of that fancy new feature is strong. Codup doesn't just build your product but can also help navigate these tricky waters of product management. We help you set your sights on the bigger picture and keep you on track, while still paying attention to the minor important details. We help you stay on task and within budget so that you can get to market faster and with the right set of features before the competition does...


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