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Most software tools today aren't designed to do everything but rather some things, but do them really well. As such, businesses today use a myriad of different systems to stay at the top of their curve. While that gives them their edge, it creates a problems that didn't exist before. Data is scattered across these systems and must be centralized for analytics and business intelligence. Codup's experience building hundreds of integrations puts us at a unique advantage and give us the right kind of experiene to build Central Middleware and Master Databases that let you make sane, intelligent decisions at every level in your organization, at the moment they matter most.

Systems Integration

Like people, systems comes from different origins and cultures and speak different languages. Needless to say, they don't always work well with each other… but that's OK. Here at Codup, we've mastered the art of matchmaking. We build custom connectors that bring two disparately different systems on the same page and talk to each other as if they ARE one...


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