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Availability Search & Filter for WooCommerce Bookings

If you are operating a third-party online booking site – regardless of whether you are providing bookings for airlines, hotels, cinemas, parties, or salon appointments – you would understand the need to segment your offerings according to the needs of your customers. 

While that is possible with the help of the WooCommerce Bookings plugin, Codup.io has a new plugin that allows you to utilize the functionalities of WooCommerce Bookings even further by introducing an intricate filters system.

It allows us to introduce WooCommerce Booking Filters, a plugin that allows your users to filter their booking results according to their preferences. The preferences, in this context, include pricing, date ranges, ratings, and keyword-based search. 

Booking Filter for WooCommerce – The Benefits 

When you have Booking Filters installed on your eCommerce store, your customers will have the convenience of searching for a booking product or service without having to sift through unrelated products and services or an expansive product list. What they can do is simply filter the search results and voila! 

With the plugin, you are essentially helping them organize their choices. 

Booking Filters for WooCommerce – The Features

The plugin helps site administrators create the followings filters: 

Search Type Filters: 

Can create search filters based on the following match functionalities: 

  1. Exact Match – Users on your site will get search results for exact products. 
  2. Fuzzy Match – Users on your site will not only get search results for exact products but also its possible equivalents. 

Start and End Dates:

Provides you with two checkboxes for both the start and end dates. 

Price Filter Label:

This allows you to filter products and services on your store according to price. 

Rating Label:

Enabling this feature allows your customers to filter products and services based on ratings. The ratings, in this context, range from one to five stars. 

Keyword Search:

Filters search results based on particular keywords relative to a product or service. 

All in all, the plugin can provide your customers with an intuitive site searching experience while segmenting products based on ratings, reviews, dates, and price ranges allows them to make a better and more informed decision. 

Interested in improving your customer search experience? Try Booking Filters for WooCommerce today!