Business Process Automation

Making your business processes more efficient and productive with
technology-backed automation solutions.

Business Process Automation is all about using technology to automate tasks and workflows within your business. Whether
it be marketing, supply chain, human resources, or any other segment of your business, Business Process Automation software helps
streamline your business processes by automating repetitive tasks that were done manually before.

Codup provides powerful and robust business process automation solutions. Our BPA offering considers every aspect of your business
and provides you with automation solutions that enhance data accuracy, accountability, minimizes costs – making
your processes more efficient and productive in the long-run.

With Codup, here is how you benefit:


Reliable and
efficient processes


Timely access
to information

Improved team

"The work delivered was high-quality. Their team shows considerable skill working on a variety of tasks, including Salesforce and other programs. Despite the differences in time zones and languages, their project management and communication was flawless."

-President, Web Design Company, New York

Workflow Automation

Making workflows efficient by automating the monotonous.

Workflow automation consists of a sequence of actions that help automate repetitive tasks within an organization. Through automating your workflows, your teams can focus on the more pressing business operations, improving efficiency and productivity in the process.

Codup’s enterprise Workflow Automation solutions help your business unleash its full potential through providing software that automates time-consuming, monotonous, and repetitive tasks into streamlined, automated processes

Workflow automation, when integrated correctly, provides the following benefits:
• Elimination of manual human error
• Transformation of work processes
• Work productivity
• Streamlined data sharing
• Increased accountability
• Better team coordination

Marketing Automation

Equip yourself with the power to engage customers at the right place, and at the right time.

Marketing operations have the ability to make or break your business. To engage customers and create demand at scale, you need to automate your marketing processes. The end-goal of marketing automation is to improve your marketing operations, allows marketers to make better decisions, and grow business revenue.

Codup provides Marketing Automation solutions to progressive businesses. Our offerings include:
• Campaign management automation
• Email marketing automation
• Social Media Marketing automation
• Performance analytics for retargeting
• Simplified marketing processes

Form Solutions

Providing customized form solutions that fulfill your business needs.

Even while falling under the category of workflow and marketing automation, forms are an integral part of your business process. In fact, no action that you take on the internet is complete without a form. From a simple log-in form to a full-fledged survey, their importance cannot be ignored.

Codup provides bespoke form solutions that are designed to boost the productivity of your workplace, and allow you to accomplish tasks at scale. Our form solutions ensure that your time is not lost on manual and repetitive tasks.
Some of the benefits you can gain with our offering include:
• Streamlined workflow automation.
• Efficiency in data entry processes
• Integrity and sanity with data
• Simpler moderation


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