Field Service Management Software

Technician scheduling made easy.

Introducing Codup’s Field Service Management software, an innovative
product that helps you organize and manage your field staff in the most efficient
of ways.

The Codup Advantage

With our Field Service Management, your business benefits in the best of ways. Here’s how:

Improved Appointment scheduling

With significant information – customer location, technician profiles, and service availability – at your disposal available on the software platform, your decision-making processes become a lot easier.

Better Tracking

Within the ecosystem of the FSM industry, time is an important consideration. Determining how long a job will take, inclusive of all other factors is difficult. However, with adequate data at your disposal, you can keep track of the data in a more efficient manner.

Better Customer Knowledge

Again, with better data, comes a better understanding of the client. Codup’s FSM provides all sorts of data – like customer addresses, history, devices, and more – neatly organized into the analytics portal, available for use when needed.

ERP and CRM Integration

By integrating ERP and CRM integrations together with Codup’s FSM, you can track the progress, automate internal and external processes, and automate back-office processes in a more efficient manner.

Why FSM?

The field service management sector is booming. Analysts predict that by 2023, the field service management market will value at over 5.59 billion euros, growing at a rate of about 17% each year. The fact alone indicates the potential of field service management for both the present and the future.

Field Service Management software by Codup provides an affordable and feature-rich platform for your CSRs and Field Staff to be in sync at all times. Easy interfaces make it intuitive and efficient for all your team to have the right information in real-time.

Key Features

Codup’s field management software offering includes:

• Appointment scheduling
• Resource management
• Technician tracking
• CRM and ERP integration
• Managing Inventory
• Mobile apps for Field Staff