Bringing businesses and customers closer together.


AireComms is an innovative customer service solution that provides your agents with the convenience
of having their service portals equipped with SMS functionalities. With AireComms, your customers
can reach out to you, even when they are on the go.

Why AireComms?

The modern marketplace is fierce. Customers expect the same level of information, convenience, and personal touch that they would expect from a traditional brick and mortar store.

AireComms helps your business provide just that. Our SMS enabled customer engagement platform seamlessly integrates with your existing customer engagement tools, providing your agents with contextual information, when needed.

The benefits, to name a few, include:


Real-time Customer Engagement


Increased Customer Retention


Multi-Channel Support


Seamless System Integration


Dynamic Communication

AireComms: Inception

As a B2B e-commerce development company operating in the industry for seven years, we have observed the evolution of customer service strategies. Everyone, from small businesses to major corporations are improving their customer service efforts one way or another.

AireComms inception was due to this alone. To compete in the modern digital world, you need a smart solution that streamlines your customer service efforts to be more efficient. Hence, AireComm!