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A live chat product built for small businesses, FreshChat allows teams to communicate with website visitors, identify possible leads, and convert them into customers. A highly customizable product from the get-go, FreshChat further differentiates itself through an interactive widget, keeps a complete log of a customer’s history, and helps you manage customers more effectively.

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Twilio API

If you have ever hired an UBER, or rented a home on Airbnb, your communication was powered by Twilio in the background. Twilio, simply put, is an API used for communication. More specifically, it adds the functionalities of voice, video, and messaging to software applications.

Integrating FreshChat with Twilio SMS

FreshChat provides companies a medium for instant communication with customers. However, by its very nature, FreshChat is a web-to-web communication platform, which means that it does not allow companies to provide customer service outside of the internet.

In order for companies to communicate with an external customer base, Codup integrated the Twilio SMS API with FreshChat. By combining the SMS functionalities provided by the Twilio API, which also includes a Twilio number, customers can send an SMS message to the company’s Twilio number which automatically converts that incoming SMS message into a FreshChat message.

With the integration, agents can also engage visitors on a website. Through the engagements, agents can identify possible leads and convert them into customers or bring them down further into the sales funnel.

How it works

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Customer sends an SMS to the company’s Twilio number ​

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Twilio converts the SMS into a Freschat message​

Freshchat and Twilio Integration 5

Freshchat agent receives the message on the Freshchat UI ​

Freshchat and Twilio Integration 5

Customer is replied through SMS

Key Features

Instant SMS to LiveChat communication.
Two-way communication
Convert conversations to Freshdesk tickets
Communicate with offline customers in real-time

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