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A cloud-based customer support software, Freshdesk supports business operations through an optimized ticketing system backed by multi-channel support tools. Used by businesses of all shapes and sizes, Freshdesk promises productivity and efficiency in customer support operations.

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Twilio API

If you have ever hired an UBER, or rented a home on Airbnb, your communication was powered by Twilio in the background. Twilio, simply put, is an API used for communication. More specifically, it adds the functionalities of voice, video, and messaging to software applications.

Integrating FreshDesk with Twilio SMS

As part of our partnership with Freshworks, Codup developed a solution that integrates Freshdesk and Twilio’s programmable SMS API. By combining the two platforms, users have the power to use Freshdesk’s ticketing system to provide offline customer service through SMS.

With the FreshDesk SMS integration, Codup wanted to develop a superior customer service solution that keeps companies and customers connected, even if they do not have an active internet connection.

How it works

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Customer sends a query through SMS

FreshDesk and Twilio SMS 5

Query is received by Twilio number​

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Query is converted into a ticket

FreshDesk and Twilio SMS 5

Customer is notified or replied for their query

Key Features

• Ticket status notifications through SMS.
• SMS notifications for public notes/ new replies.
• Customizable SMS templates.
• Custom messages to the ticket opener via SMS.

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