FreshService and Twilio Integration


Freshservice is a cloud-based customer support solution. Built for companies who want to provide a superior level of customer service, the software comes equipped with a highly robust ticketing system, a reliable information management system. It also includes tools for vendors, change, and program management.

Its most powerful tool, however, comes in the form of incident management, which ensures that no customer query goes unresolved. Its knowledge base allows it to keep track of every customer-related query.

Twilio API

If you have ever hired an UBER, or rented a home on Airbnb, your communication was powered by Twilio in the background. Twilio, simply put, is an API used for communication. More specifically, it adds the functionalities of voice, video, and messaging to software applications.

Integrating Freshservice with Twilio SMS

In order to add more value to the already robust platform of Freshservice, Codup developed an integration that merged the functionalities of Twilio SMS with the Freshservice platform. Even if the customers are not connected to the internet, businesses can still target connect with them through Twilio SMS.


How it works

Customer sends an
SMS to the company’s Twilio number

Twilio converts the
SMS into a Freschat message

Freshchat agent receives
the message on the Freshchat UI

Customer is replied through SMS

Key Features

Event triggers through SMS.
SMS alerts whenever a new user is created.
Ticket updates through SMS.