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Referral System for WooCommerce – Gamify Your Online Store

Want that much-needed customer engagement boost for your eCommerce store? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing Referral System for WooCommerce by Codup.io, a powerful customer engagement, and affiliate marketing tool. 

Built exclusively to add value to WooCommerce’s Points and Rewards plugin, the plugin works as an extension – bringing with it the “WooCommerce refer a friend” functionality. With it, your customers can refer a product to anyone – be it friends, relatives, or acquaintances – to gain coupons and discounts for your current and future purchases.

With this plugin, both the owner and the customers can benefit equally. While on the one hand, both your customers and the people they refer products to can avail discounts or coupons on your store. On the other, not only are you increasing your customer engagement rates, but are also tapping into a new customer base without incurring any customer acquisition overheads.

The following article is written to provide you more insights about the product. Primarily, we will be talking about its main features, and how each feature benefits your eCommerce store.

Referral System for WooCommerce – The Features

At the standard level, the plugin allows you to set either fixed percentages or price rebates with your coupons. Combined with the Points and Rewards plugin, it allows you to set up points and rewards with your ‘refer a friend’ coupons. Let’s look at each feature individually:

Standalone WooCommerce Referral

This feature allows you to use the plugin right out of the box. To elaborate, the standalone system helps you create coupons based on fixed prices and percentages.

Coupon and Purchase Options:

These allow you to set how the referrer and the referee will gain rewards using the coupon when the referrer refers, or the referee purchases a product. Again, the rewards would either be a fixed percentage or a price discount.

 Points and Rewards-Based Referral:

This referral functionality overrides the standalone WooCommerce referral system and instead introduces points and rewards for referrals – which then revolve around the number of points earned by a particular customer and the number of points that a customer sends to a referee.

The points and rewards referral functionality come with the following features:

Signup Points:

It allows the owner to set the number of points both a referrer and referee after a referee sign up to your store.

Purchase Points:

This allows the owner to set the number of points both a referrer and referee, after successful purchase by the referee.

Points Settings:

It allows the owner to configure how points are distributed throughout the site. Settings for conversion rates for store points into actual currency, point redemption rates, the number of maximum points earned by a particular user, coupon expiration dates, and the number of points a user can earn after writing a product review can be found under Points Settings.

Optimize your eCommerce store with WooCommerce Referral System today!