Roles and Permissions and Quick Order by – Providing B2B Convenience Every Step of the Way has just released two intuitive workflow management plugins built exclusively for B2B eCommerce for WooCommerce. 

We have been at the forefront of B2B eCommerce development for the last seven years. Having a personal interest, as well as a significant experience in the field, we identified some pain points that B2B store owners face in their daily operations. To solve these pain points, we developed the following plugins: 

  • Quick Order for WooCommerce 
  • Roles and Permissions for WooCommerce

While both the plugins essentially revolve around organizing your B2B eCommerce store, they perform two very distinct functions. While the former aims to ultimately improve your conversion rates, the latter helps buying parties on your store to organize themselves better. 

The following announcement is aimed at providing you, the reader, a primer to the two plugins. For a more contextual read, click on the links below: 

Quick Order for WooCommerce

Built specifically for B2B stores with a recurring buyer base, Quick Order for WooCommerce equips your store with a Quick Order Table. With it, your regular buyers can purchase products and checkout without having to take the extra steps of searching for the product.

Once you have installed the plugin, buyers simply have to type the names of products in the search field, choose the desired product, set the quantity they want to purchase, and checkout.

The plugin is aimed at removing the redundancies in a buyers’ purchasing process. As a business – because of the level of convenience you are providing for buyers – you will gain significant benefits in terms of brand awareness and brand loyalty from your current customers.

Roles and Permission for WooCommerce

Roles and Permissions for WooCommerce is an intuitive B2B role management solution. As the name suggests, the plugin gives purchasing companies on your B2B eCommerce store to create their own company hierarchies – assign roles and set permission for each individual employee – within your store.

With an intuitive backend supporting the assignment of user roles and permissions for each individual member within the hierarchy, Roles and Permissions allow buying companies to simulate their own internal hierarchies within your eCommerce store – streamlining their purchases in the process.